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Linking Leader and Team Member Well-Being – Rosanne Raso

August 4, 2022
Episode 68
Duration: 22:07
In this episode, Dr. Raso talks about her latest research looking at authentic leadership, healthy work environment, team-member wellbeing, and nurse retention. In it, she uncovered a remarkable resilience of nurse leaders to continue leading with authenticity and humanity, even as the work environment for nurses diminished. She discusses the need to support nurse leaders with the same process and practice improvement, as well as providing wellbeing support to frontline nurses. Dr. Raso lays out a hope-filled vision for a future in which the structures of support for nurses and nurse leaders emerge from the challenges of the pandemic stronger and more human-centered than ever. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Vocera, now part of Stryker.
Rosanne Raso

Trust as the Foundation for Safety and Well-being – Mike Woodruff, MD

July 19, 2022
Episode 67
Duration: 26:07
In this episode, Dr. Woodruff talks about the central role that trust plays in supporting team member safety and well-being. While trust is not an unusual concept in leadership, Dr. Woodruff takes an expansive view, connecting it to every process that an individual interacts with within a system. He believes that any process that isn't explicitly designed to build trust - by showing respect and integrity - has the potential to erode trust, and that those small, daily interactions carry more collective weight than a single, positive, in-person encounter. He and his team use two questions to filter the trust factor on organizational processes: Does it support the mission? And, is it kind? The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Vocera, now part of Stryker.
Mike Woodruff

2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package – Heather Farley, MD, and Tina Shah, MD

April 22, 2022
Episode 66
Duration: 48:38
Drs. Farley and Shah spearheaded a collaboration with leaders from the AMA, AHA, CEO Coalition, Dr. Lorna Breen Foundation, IHI, and National Academy of Medicine (NAM) to create the 2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package. The package was devised to help leaders zero in on the most impactful team member well-being efforts to undertake at the current stage of the pandemic. In this episode, we delve into each of the five practices outlined in the Rescue Package and look ahead to how these create a foundation for a transformed culture of well-being for all healthcare team members.
Dr. Farley

Leading the Evolving Healthcare Workforce – Rose O. Sherman

March 30, 2022
Episode 65
Duration: 23:16
In this episode, Dr. Sherman discusses the transformative changes that are happening in the healthcare workforce, led by three critical trends: COVID-related turnover and travel; mental health challenges, and PTSD, and the shifting demographics of the workplace. She also talks about how these trends are causing dramatic shifts in the structure of healthcare work and challenging leaders to find the flexibility and creativity to rethink how healthcare is delivered. Finally, Dr. Sherman looks ahead to a future in which team member wellbeing is the center of a vibrant healthcare workforce.
Rose O. Sherman

Evidence-Based Care Transformation for Clinical Resilience – Chris DeRienzo, MD

January 27, 2022
Episode 64
Duration: 24:01
In this episode, Dr. DeRienzo discusses his new orientation to the “why” behind care transformation. Like most quality improvement leaders, his focus has long been on the triple aim of improved care quality, reduced cost, and improved experience. But the work Dr. DeRienzo is focused on now is creating energy and opportunity for a greater focus on health equity, necessary variability, and humanity. Care transformation, then, becomes less about productivity and standardization as a primary aim, and more about allowing clinicians to practice at the top of their humanity and their license in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful – which is also very likely to boost productivity and practice resilience over the long run.
Chris DeRienzo

The Evidence for Team Member Safety and Well-Being – Kedar Mate, MD

December 16, 2021
Episode 63
Duration: 26:16
In this episode, Dr. Mate talks about research IHI recently completed into a broadened definition of team member safety and wellbeing put forth by the CEO Coalition, a group of US-based healthcare CEOs who see team member safety and wellbeing as an essential component of healthcare efficacy and sustainability. The CEO Coalition’s Heart of Safety Declaration of Principles expands the definition of safety to include protecting psychological and emotional wellbeing, promoting health justice by declaring equity and anti-racism core components of safety, and ensuring physical safety, which includes a zero-harm program to eliminate workplace violence, both physical and verbal. Dr. Mate shares what he and his team learned through the research process and how improvement science is critical to advancing safety and wellbeing. He also shares a long-term vision for healthcare in which the traditional locations and relationships of care expand, requiring a renewed focus on adaptive leadership competencies.
Kedar Mate

Tapping Into the Wisdom and Purpose of Retired Physicians – Mike Rizzo, MD

December 1, 2021
Episode 62
Duration: 24:13
In this episode, Dr. Rizzo talks about the impetus behind creating the Encore Physicians Program, and the benefit it brings to retired physicians, community health centers, and the patients they serve. He looks at the synergy and learning opportunities provided by linking both primary care and specialty physicians to the patients who seek care at community health centers, as well as the role of an intermediary such as Encore Physicians in creating connections between clinics and retired physicians. Finally, Dr. Rizzo shares his perspective on things to consider for leaders looking to set up similar programs in other parts of the country.
Mike Rizzo

The Power of Connection to Drive Well-Being – Kathryn Cziraky, MD

October 25, 2021
Episode 61
Duration: 24:14
In this episode, Dr. Cziraky talks about her personal and practice transformation through a shift from transactional to relationship-based care, both with her team members and her patients. She also talks about how a drive toward efficiency had left her feeling depleted and disconnected from her work. In early 2020, Dr. Cziraky was introduced to the work of the Institute for Healthcare Excellence through the National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare, which helped her embrace positive emotions and a more relational model of work and care, which complemented and completed her drive for sustainable and effective care practice. Dr. Cziraky shares the impact of this transition on her work, her life, and her team’s ability to weather the challenges of COVID-19.
Kathryn Cziraky

Supporting Nurses Through the Trauma of COVID-19 – Diane Solomon

October 11, 2021
Episode 60
Duration: 27:55
n this episode, Dr. Solomon and I discuss the impact of poor practice design on the mental health and well-being of nurses. We delve into the specific trauma of the pandemic, and the need for system-level support and changes to overcome the “tyranny of individual responsibility” that is too often attached to mental well-being. We look at the need to include nurses in system decision processes and for leaders to listen with an open mind to nurses’ demands for system change – including the need to mark loss and make space for grieving. Finally, Dr. Solomon paints a future vision in which nurses are treated as full partners in a system that prioritizes prevention and well-being for patients and team members alike.
Diane Solomon

Improving Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors – Syril Pettit

September 13, 2021
Episode 59
Duration: 25:07
In this episode, Dr. Pettit and I talk about how advances in cancer treatment have increased survivorship, but also resulted in patients living long enough to experience the long-term side effects of both primary and adjuvant therapies. Often these impact survivors’ physical, emotional, and even financial and social well-being. Dr. Pettit and her team conduct and support research and innovation that bridge the interests and inputs of patients, life sciences firms, academic medicine, clinicians, and public health toward a future of survivorship that supports all aspects of patients’ health, well-being, and thriving.
Syril Pettit