We are glad you found the CEO Coalition and this resource page. Here you’ll find research papers, reports, toolkits and more to advance the important work of protecting the psychological, emotional and physical safety of all healthcare team members. Resources are also available to support, elevate and accelerate health justice for all who work in healthcare.

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Blog Posts

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Centering a more holistic view of workforce safety

In this IHI blog post, the institute’s research team outlines how to improve safety and well-being by gathering and examining data on team member safety incidents, listening to frontline staff about safety needs and solutions, making a culture of safety a priority, and stratifying workforce safety data to build a baseline for equity.

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Research and Reports

Based on in-person discussions and design sessions as well as interviews with more than 75 executives, thought leaders, and academics in healthcare and well-being, this report defines the heartset, mindset, and skillset that enable leaders to support themselves, lead their teams, and drive sustainable organizational excellence.

In 2022, The Academy conducted research on workplace violence (WPV) in healthcare, including secondary data collection, applied literature review, and qualitative interviews with frontline healthcare team members. This brief outlines the impact of WPV on healthcare professionals and the entire healthcare system, and offers a maturity model that leaders can use to advance efforts to address the WPV epidemic.

Staffing shortages are putting patient care and the future of healthcare at risk. The Great Resignation also compromises the safety and well-being of those professionals who remain in healthcare. This report outlines strategies that key stakeholders and policy makers must embrace to drive systemic change to improve the safety and well-being for our healthcare workforce.

Tactics and Toolkits

A group of healthcare experts in collaboration with the CEO Coalition and the National Academy of Medicine, published evidence-based actions that can support healthcare team member well-being. The first-of-its-kind list prioritizes five critical actions leaders can take now to safeguard the emotional and psychological needs of healthcare workers.

This toolkit provides instructions and supporting materials to help your organization design, launch and spread a Code Lavender program. Code Lavender is a formalized rapid response designed to provide comforting resources to support patients, families, and healthcare team members in times of emotional distress.

Whitepapers and Webinars

The complex environment that is healthcare requires a disciplined approach to building an effective communication and collaboration strategy to ensure clinician wellbeing and patient safety. While healthcare technology has the potential to bring critical information to the right clinician at the right time, it also has the potential, if unmanaged and unchecked, to create a cacophony of data and interruptions that leaves physicians, nurses, and other care team members distracted, fatigued and burned out. In this study, researchers seek to understand how clinical and IT leaders manage the rising challenge of workflow interruptions from EHRs, phone calls, pages, texts, notifications, alerts, alarms and more.