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2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package – Heather Farley, MD, and Tina Shah, MD

April 22, 2022
Episode 66
Duration: 48:38

Heather Farley, MD, MHCDS, FACEP, an emergency physician by training, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on healthcare worker well-being. Dr. Farley has personally experienced the trauma that impacts caregivers when a patient suffers an unexpected adverse event and the transformative power of supportive, evidence-based initiatives. She is passionate about advancing the professional fulfillment and well-being of health care providers so they can flourish at work and at home. In her role as Chief Wellness Officer at ChristianaCare, Dr. Farley oversees the system-wide programs that support caregiver experience and promote a culture of well-being.

Tina Shah MD, MPH is a practicing physician with more than 10 years of healthcare experience across digital transformation, healthcare delivery, and policy. She is the Principal of TNT Health Enterprises, a consulting company that advises public and private sector healthcare organizations on digital transformation, value-based care, and clinician wellbeing. She is also proud to serve her country most recently as Senior Advisor in the Office of the Surgeon General.

Drs. Farley and Shah spearheaded a collaboration with leaders from the AHA, AMA, CEO Coalition, Dr. Lorna Breen Foundation, IHI, and National Academy of Medicine (NAM) to create the 2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package. The package was devised to help leaders zero in on the most impactful team member well-being efforts to undertake at the current stage of the pandemic. In this episode, we delve into each of the five practices outlined in the Rescue Package and look ahead to how these create a foundation for a transformed culture of well-being for all healthcare team members.

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