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The Value of Human-Centered Design in Healthcare – Nick Dawson

November 5, 2020
Episode 44
Duration: 28:05

Nick Dawson, MHA, is co-founder of the Emergency Design Collective, a recently formed venture aimed at creating a more human-centered healthcare system through design with patients, communities, and providers. Mr. Dawson has previously worked as a design and innovation leader at health systems such as Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins. He has also been involved in Stanford’s MedicineX and the Society for Participatory Medicine, and he has an active Twitter presence.

In this episode, Mr. Dawson talks about the value of human-centered design and why it is necessary for constructive and cost-effective healthcare innovation. He discusses some of the barriers and imperatives for designing solutions that meet the health needs of patients and families while also creating supportive, human-centered work environments for healthcare team members. Finally, Mr. Dawson shares his vision for a more health-centered future that moves beyond the traditional walls of healthcare institutions.

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