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Team Member Wellbeing in the Era of COVID-19 – Thomas E. Jenike, MD

November 19, 2020
Episode 45
Duration: 20:34

Thomas E. Jenike, MD, is a family medicine doctor and SVP and Chief Wellbeing Officer at Novant Health. In his role, he supports the system’s clinicians and leaders in reducing burnout and finding joy in practice. Dr. Jenike’s journey started with his own experience of burnout, for which he found a professional coach who helped him regain his connection to purpose by reconnecting to his core values, questioning automatic patterns, and aligning his decision-making with his values. Working with his coach, Dr. Jenike crafted a three-day program for his medical peers. Based on the initial success and with the support of CEO Carl Armato, Dr. Jenike rolled out the program systemwide, extending it to include advanced practice clinicians, nurse leaders, administrative and nonclinical service leaders, and front-line staff. In his role as chief well-being officer he is also expanding the focus to include system changes that reduce the factors likely to cause burnout in the first place

In this episode, Dr. Jenike talks about how his work as a Chief Wellbeing Officer has evolved, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is putting increased pressure on the wellbeing and mental health of team members. Dr. Jenike outlines how Novant Health is supporting team members, and why continued support is essential for the functioning of the health system.

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