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Supporting Nurses Through the Trauma of COVID-19 – Diane Solomon

October 11, 2021
Episode 60
Duration: 27:55

Diane Solomon, PhD, PMHNP-BC, is a practicing psychiatric nurse practitioner who specializes in treating nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as an advocate for improved mental health in healthcare environments. Dr. Solomon sits on the Executive Committee of the Oregon Wellness Program, a group of leaders focused on provider wellness.

In this episode, Dr. Solomon discusses the impact of poor practice design on the mental health and wellbeing of nurses. She delves into the specific trauma of the pandemic and the need for system-level support and changes to overcome the “tyranny of individual responsibility” that’s too often attached to mental wellbeing. She also explores the need to include nurses in system decision processes and for leaders to listen with an open mind to nurses’ demands for system change – including the need to mark loss and make space for grieving. Finally, Dr. Solomon paints a future vision in which nurses are treated as full partners in a system that prioritizes prevention and wellbeing for patients and team members alike.

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