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Improving Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors – Syril Pettit

September 13, 2021
Episode 59
Duration: 25:07

Syril Pettit, DrPH, MEM, is the Executive Director of the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI), an international nonprofit organization that builds public-private partnerships in application-driven science for improving human and environmental health. As HESI’s senior leader, she has guided the scientific and strategic direction for the organization’s more than 600 members and its programs for the last 20-plus years. She holds a Doctorate in Public Health from University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health and a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University.

In this episode, Dr. Pettit talks about how advances in cancer treatment have increased survivorship, but also resulted in patients living long enough to experience the long-term side effects of both primary and adjuvant therapies. Often these impact survivors’ physical, emotional, and even financial and social wellbeing. Dr. Pettit and her team conduct and support research and innovation that bridge the interests and inputs of patients, life sciences firms, academic medicine, clinicians, and public health toward a future of survivorship that supports all aspects of patients’ health, wellbeing, and thriving.

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