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Evidence-based Wellbeing Practices – J. Bryan Sexton

November 10, 2023
Episode 77
Duration: 31:02

J. Bryan Sexton, PhD, is the Director of the Duke Center for the Advancement of Well-being Science, where he leads the efforts around research and training that guide Duke’s quality improvement and wellbeing activities. A member of the Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Sexton, a psychologist, is a psychometrician and spends time developing methods of assessing and improving safety culture, teamwork, leadership and workforce wellbeing. He is currently disseminating the results from a successful NIH R01 grant, using randomized control trials to demonstrate that it is possible to improve wellbeing in healthcare workers.


In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Sexton talks about his team’s focus on providing accessible, evidence-based wellbeing practice to healthcare team members across the country. His five-part training covers gratitude, work-life balance, self-compassion, awe and wonder, and group-level wellbeing. The approach mixes didactic learning on the science behind wellbeing practices as well as time to put the concepts into practice. Dr. Sexton believes that evidence-based, individually-focused wellbeing practices are an essential complement to broader efforts to transform system factors that cause burnout and distress.


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J. Bryan Sexton, PhD