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Changing the Nexus of Care – Patrick Kneeland, MD

September 15, 2020
Episode 40
Duration: 35:15

Dr. Patrick Kneeland is vice president for medical affairs at DispatchHealth, a company providing home care support for urgent care, acute-post hospitalization support, and hospital-at-home services. Prior to joining DispatchHealth, Dr. Kneeland worked as a hospitalist at University of Colorado Health, where he was the medical director for patient experience, and a founding faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety, and Efficiency.

In this episode, Dr. Kneeland discusses the impact of COVID-19 on home care services. There’s been enormous focus on telehealth as a response to the pandemic, but providing acute care in the home has also been a critical lifeline for patients with both urgent and chronic care needs. In addition to the care model, Dr. Kneeland delves into the professional implications for wellbeing and satisfaction that comes with connecting with patients on their home turf.

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