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Building Belonging: The Value of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity – Duane Elliott Reynolds

March 15, 2021
Episode 50
Duration: 22:19

Duane Elliott Reynolds, MHA, is founder and CEO of Just Health Collective, a healthcare consulting and digital engagement platform serving professionals and organizations interested in accelerating belonging in health. Just Health Collective works with healthcare organizations to shift culture and leadership toward an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion, in service of achieving outcomes that minimize health disparities.

In this episode, Mr. Reynolds discusses ways an internal culture of belonging helps promote equitable health outcomes and ways leaders can help create structures of accountability for health equity and inclusion. He also talks about the role of technology in helping to proactively identify opportunities to improve equity and belonging both inside and outside the organization. Mr. Reynolds closes with thoughts on how both formal and informal leaders can build a culture in which team members and patients alike can thrive.

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