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Unleash Humanity with Technology – Alan Dubovsky, MBA

February 25, 2020
Episode 16
Duration: 25:32

Alan Dubovksy, MBA, is the chief patient experience officer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he has built a formal experience program from the ground up. For Mr. Dubovsky, the primary focus of his experience efforts has been creating system-wide alignment that simplifies the work and honors the preferences of the patient and team member. Perhaps the most transformative example has been his remarkable partnership with Cedars-Sinai’s chief information officer, Darren Dworkin.

In this episode, Mr. Dubovsky explains how a close partnership between experience and technology simplifies the work and provides a foundation for mutual effectiveness by maximizing adoption and minimizing mistakes. For a technology to be effective in delivering results, it needs to be intuitive, integrated securely with existing systems, and implemented seamlessly with existing initiatives. For a technology to unleash human potential, the people and teams involved need to discover and seize opportunities for deep cooperation and coordination.

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