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Trust Through Human Connection and Communication – Lisa Fitzpatrick, MD

April 13, 2020
Episode 17
Duration: 30:58

Lisa Fitzpatrick, MD, MPH, MPA, is the founder and chief executive officer of Grapevine Health. A medical epidemiologist by training, Dr. Fitzpatrick is passionate about improving health literacy and simplifying healthcare communication. One of her projects has been “Dr. Lisa on the Street,” a series of informal, video health conversations with community members designed to help destigmatize a lack of health literacy and share science-based health awareness.

In this episode, Dr. Fitzpatrick discusses the role of human connection in addressing health disparities. It is easy for C-Suite leaders to get mired in the daily complexities of care delivery and lose touch with the underserved in their communities. This makes it crucial to step back and meet patients where they are, to build understanding, connection, and trust. There is so much to learn from the community that can inform solutions to the foundational issues of misinformation and mistrust, which are enormous drivers of cost and reduced outcomes.

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