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Responding to COVID-19 with Humanity – Rick Evans

June 4, 2020
Episode 30
Duration: 24:08

Rick Evans is SVP and chief experience officer at NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), an integrated academic health system serving patients and families in across the New York metropolitan area. Like all New York hospitals, NYP has been inundated with patients stricken with COVID-19 and has mounted a heroic response to care for patients and protect team members.

In this episode of the Caring Greatly™️ Podcast, Rick and I discuss what it has been like to be at the epicenter of the pandemic. We look at how his team of experience professionals has stepped up to support patients, families, and care team members. We discuss the critical role of leadership in orchestrating a response centered on humanity. And we look ahead to how health systems in New York and across the continent will transform as they emerge from the shadow of COVID-19.

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