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Patient Stories Made Visible – Regina Holliday

August 23, 2019
Episode 5
Duration: 33:49

Regina Holliday is an artist, activist, speaker, and author. In 2009, she lost her husband, Frederick Allen Holliday, II, to cancer following 11 weeks of continuous hospitalization in 5 different facilities. Their experience lacked clear communication, compassion, and the kind of connected caring that patients and their families deserve in times of health challenge. Ms. Holliday poured her grief and frustration into a series of murals depicting the need for transparency and clarity in medical records. This launched a career – and a movement – advocating for better patient-family experience, inclusion, visibility, and power in healthcare.

In this episode, Ms. Holliday talks about the importance of transparency and clarity in healthcare communication, the power of art in advocacy, and how healthcare leaders can bridge the gap between their insider perspective and that of patients, families, and community members to create a future healthcare system that serves the needs of all.

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