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Amplifying Joy for Well-Being and Outcomes – Ron Paulus, MD, MBA

July 9, 2019
Episode 1
Duration: 33:36

Ron Paulus, MD, MBA, is the former CEO of Mission Health in Asheville, North Carolina, and a founder of the National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare.

In this episode of the Caring Greatly™ podcast, Dr. Paulus describes how he and his team expanded from a focus on safety to one that put team member well-being at the center of the system’s strategy.
Mission Health implemented a multi-pronged, system-level program to reduce hassles and amplify joys in daily work.

The results: The health system boosted employee engagement, reduced inpatient mortality, improved ambulatory revenue, and was named one of the top 15 health systems in six of the last seven years.

Ron Paulus